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Dedicated To Bilingualism and To Creating a Platform To Inspire

Yeri Z.

Our Vision

This is a site dedicated to you and to my family as we strive in educating and raising our bilingual (trilingual, multilingual) children this day in age.  

It has been a quest for my husband and I (Yeri), to support our children’s journey in maintaining and learning the Spanish language. Thus, I would love to to promote a space where we can all become a community of learners in order to help our kids be proud of being bilingual. My hope/our hope is to create a platform where we can inspire our loving kids to learn about their parent’s and grandparent’s native language, culture, art, food and folklore in a fun and creative way. 


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Two Languages, Two Worlds! A Colorful Life! by Yeri Z.

As a mother, my long term goal is: I would like to inspire my children to live and learn Spanish so they will be able to become fully bilingual children and be able to communicate with their loved ones, especially their grandparents!  I would like to see them grow in their Spanish communication skills and to continue to utilize English, which is their native language, in their everyday interactions with their loved ones and in their community.  I would like to create a space where ideas are shared on how to promote and maintain the learning of a second language in order to increase bilingualism! 

I mean, wouldn’t it be so much fun and rewarding to see how our children/your children (whom will soon be our youth) connect with whom they are now and what they have to offer!? To BE themselves!  To BE proud of whom they are! To create their persona as bilingual, biliterate, multicultural children serving their community. To be creative in every way, as bilingual children in our modern society! Let’s work on this together!  Te espero!

Con cariño,

Yeri Z.


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